Coloring Competition


The Simalinas are working on the next book, of course. This time however, we are inviting YOU to participate.

There is a challenge in the Tangle It! Coloring Club on Facebook and another one in the Tangle It! Mandala Club on Facebook.

Create a coloring in page before Sunday, 10th January 2016 and post it in one of the groups. All members of that Facebook group can vote for their favorite page. The 3 pages with the most votes will be included in our next project, which is due to be released in February.

We posted a template with the correct size in each group. All entries must be black and white and not shaded. The artist must sign and date the artwork. Users from the group are allowed to use the art to color and post the results.

On the 10th January we will create an album and a Facebook poll. Group members will be able to vote for one week. The winners will be announced on Monday, 18th January. Each winner will receive a free copy as soon as the book is available on Amazon.

Here are the entry requirements:
1. The drawing area is 6″x9″ – anything exceeding this ratio will be cropped.
2. The drawing should be black and white without shading.
3. Your artwork must be signed and dated (copyright, ya know).
4. Users from the group are allowed to download and color.
5. Keep a scan of the original artwork at a resolution of 300dpi handy – if you win, we will require this original to include in the book.


Challenge compleded

The other day I posted a challenge in our Tangle It Pattern Club on Facebook. A Christmas wreath ready to be tangled.

Here is the original, untangled page. You can download a high quality image directly in the group.

Tangle It Pattern Club Challenge 11-28-2015

I started adding tangles and for once, did not forget to make a copy before shading! For all the coloring in enthusiasts, this template is available in our Tangle It Coloring Club on Facebook.

TIJ Christmas Wreath

And finally I added color and a bit of shading.

Christmas Wrap Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

With that, I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Happy shopping for all the presents 🙂

Daily Prompts – sometimes you just need a bit of a push

The Tangle It Pattern Club on Facebook is a great place to find the latest, or buried and long forgotten patterns.

Not only will you find weekly challenges, we also add a daily pattern for you to try. Sometimes one needs a little push to start trying something new.

I finished this artwork including 2 daily prompts from that group: Chechain by Lila Holter and Box it Up by Alice Hendon. Both these patterns have been around for many months. Unless you are lucky, you may never find these step by step instructions.

The Tangle It Pattern Club on Facebook is not only to show off the patterns that I am releasing from my huge pattern collection. It is open to ALL artists. Share your artwork or your patterns with the group. The group is growing at a rapid rate!

Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

Amazon is causing me wrinkles!

Waking up this morning I found a message from Alice telling me that our Tangle It! Journal sells for US$10.36

I have NO idea why or how this happened ???

If you haven’t ordered yet, get you copy now – I don’t think the price will drop any lower than that!

Here is the direct link to Amazon

Cover front

TIJ Journal Challenge

Tangle a Rubber Duck – who comes up with a crazy idea like this? You see people tangle all these beautiful animals – tangling owls, birds, or even elephants. But a RUBBER DUCK ???

Ahem … I think that would be me – full of silly ideas to add some fun to life. Alice was brave enough to give me the job of putting up the challenge this week 😉 I probably produced some interesting reactions again – jaw dropping, a few “Oh my gosh, never again is she allowed to put up a challenge“, “What???“, “She can’t be serious!” ..hehe..

There was just one problem: I never tangled an animal shape. Give me paisley shapes, strings of all kinds, or Mandalas. No problem! But a duck?

Well, there is always a first time. I didn’t even have ideas how other people would tackle that shape, since I was the first one to have a go at it.

Here is the result:
Rubba duck
I am quite happy the way he (it must be a boy – else he would have pretty eyelashes) turned out.

Do you want to give Rubber Duck a go? Head over to our Facebook group at

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 09.06.57We are offering weekly challenges (not all as whacky as this one). You are invited to share your work or just visit to get inspiration.