Tangling on …

It’s been a while since I blogged … my new life is keeping me busy. Homeschooling 3 kids, helping out with the Placencia Humane Society by fostering kittens and puppies, discovering a new country … the list goes on.

Today I felt that I needed to share my latest obsession with you. It all got started when I purchased Eni Oken’s new eBook “Echo Lines”. A quick glance was all it took to get me drawing!

One aspect I really like about Eni’s books is the detail. She takes the topic down to the bare bones and it explains in great detail. I won’t reveal too much about it … get your own copy 😉

Here is my very first attempt featuring Bubble Love.

Echolines Ina Sonnenmoser

I started off with the pattern and filled the background with Echo Lines.

My next tile I started by using Ketti as a frame. Added some Joki, and the rest just flowed out of my pen.

Echolines Ina Sonnenmoser 2

One of the pretty shapes I used to apply Echo Lines to was this Mooka.


You can see it appear all over the tile.

I also enjoyed adding S-Shapes with Echo Lines:


Of course I filled a couple of pages with ideas featuring Echo Lines. And as always, things just happen .. Like this pattern that I called Banana-Braid.

Banana-Braid by Ina Sonnenmoser

Many patterns feature these Echo Lines. If you want to get started with Echo Lines, pick some patterns from this list:

Once you get the hang of Echo Lines you will tangle without the need for a step-out. It is addictive! Very addictive!


Go-To Patterns continued …

As promised, here comes the sequel 🙂

This week I will analyse the different stages that tanglers go through.

  • Stage 1:

During this stage your Go-To patterns are normally the ones that you first learnt when you started tangling. They consist of only a few strokes. Depending on which book you picked up to learn more about tangling, website or Facebook group, your Go-To patterns will be different.

Here is a list of typical patterns that everyone should have under their belt before attempting to move to Stage 2: (click on the images for an enlarged view)

Please note: This section is NOT complete yet – I will add more patterns that according to our Facebook group members, fall into this section.

Now these are the patterns that are easy to draw, and quickly allow you to fill a section.

The next list of patterns requires more concentration – again, I am only halfway done. This blog post will grow as I find more time.


To be continued ……. AND updated!

Steampunk Flower

Well, I quickly have to share this with your before I am off to bed. Every night I do a bit of bedtime tangling. When this crazy flower appeared, I could not resist but draw the steps straight away.

Meet Steampunk Flower ..hehe..

Steampunk Flower by Ina SonnenmoserI haven’t shaded this yet … maybe I add color instead, but have a look at the ‘naked Steampunk Flower’

Steampunk Flower Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

Sooo much fun 🙂

Have a great Easter!


Frames by Unknown

Jan Easter posted an interesting pattern today. I could not resist and have a play with it. Frames pattern - Original author unknown

Now this is great if you want to draw ONE frame only. However, if you intend to use it on a warped grid, you’ll get lost. So here is my revised version:

FramesTOO by Ina SonnenmoserYou start with a dot grid, but you mark the first 2 dots with an X.
Leave 4 dots and mark 2 dots with an X again.
The next row is just dots.
The following row you ignore 3 dots, mark 2 dots with X, ignore 4 dots, 2x X, ignore 4 dots and so on.


Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Before shading

Before shading



Now I need to draw this on a warped grid – I just cannot ignore a challenge 🙂

Wormholes Spiral

I am way behind sharing patterns. I posted my freehand Mandala without realising that I hadn’t posted the steps for the pattern that I used in the center. So here it goes:

Wormholes Spiral by Ina Sonnenmoser

And here is the the freehand Mandala I was talking about:

Freehand Mandala by Ina SonnenmoserI used Wormholes Spiral for the center and Moon & Tears for the outside. Now I just need to shade it.

Hope you have a great weekend and that you share your art with us on Tangle It! Pattern Club.

Double Arrows by Theresa Beebe

My dear friend, Theresa, asked if I could put her new pattern into my format. Of course – what a pretty pattern this is! It deserves to get all the attention possible!
Double Arrows by Theresa Beebe
Theresa is a great artist. I get a lot of inspiration from her art. Just the other day she released her second book, Colorful Meditating available on Amazon.


Yes, I am a strange person – advertising my friends books before I even mention that we also released a new book ..haha.. That will have to wait for the weekend post 😉

Watch this space tomorrow – another pretty pattern is waiting to be posted here!

Until then, ZenLove