How to draw Poinsettia

The bright red leaves of Poinsettia stand for the festive season. Below you find step by step instructions how to draw this beautiful flower.

Poinsettia Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

Poinsettia black and white by Ina Sonnenmoser

Pointsettia by Ina Sonnenmoser


Christmas Baubles

We are getting ready for the festive season. I have been drawing a couple of cards to send away to friends and family.

While doing that I had the idea of drawing step by step instructions showing how to draw some nice decorations for your cards. We are starting with simple baubles, adding more challenging pieces as the month goes by.How to draw Christmas Baubles

I hope to provide you with inspiration and look forward to seeing which patterns you choose to decorate your baubles.

Challenge compleded

The other day I posted a challenge in our Tangle It Pattern Club on Facebook. A Christmas wreath ready to be tangled.

Here is the original, untangled page. You can download a high quality image directly in the group.

Tangle It Pattern Club Challenge 11-28-2015

I started adding tangles and for once, did not forget to make a copy before shading! For all the coloring in enthusiasts, this template is available in our Tangle It Coloring Club on Facebook.

TIJ Christmas Wreath

And finally I added color and a bit of shading.

Christmas Wrap Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

With that, I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Happy shopping for all the presents 🙂

Not a pattern – rather a tribute

Drawing serves a different purpose for each one of us. I am grateful that people share their art in the various Facebook groups.

Each piece inspires me every single day. To show my appreciation to just one of these special people, I drew a step-out for a simple Candy Cane. And this will be part of my holiday season postings that will follow.Sues Candy

Even if I don’t consider this a pattern, drawing multiple candy canes does indeed turn it into a pattern. Patterns are a repetition of the same strokes over and over. And that’s why I am posting this in my pattern section.