My second week in Belize

Gosh, I should really blog more often. So much has happened in the past week!

One day I drove all the way up to Corozol. You cross a couple of rivers. I just cannot pass a bridge without looking over the side. 🙂 Here and there you see kids swimming in the river.



Toll Collection … nobody told me about that! Well, it was only 75c. I wonder if that is worth putting a guy into that little hut the entire day long?


Corozal – It’s a beautiful little town. I did a video, but have no idea how to post it here 😦


There is even a waterslide for the kids! One day I will return and explore the town properly. Unfortunately I had to drive all the way back again. As a ‘newbie’ to the country, I didn’t want to risk driving at night. After a short break at one of the beach bars, I headed back to Belize City.


Somehow I took a wrong turn in in Orange Walk Town.  The short detour was well worth it though as I had a good laugh when I discovered that sign 🙂

A little bit more info about driving in Belize. Yes, generally you find plenty of speed limit signs: 55 Miles – this however seems to be boring on long distances. Some cars just fly by when you stick to the speed limit. Now if you are bored, I recommend you just pick one of those ‘racers’ and follow 😉 The locals know where the potholes and speed bumps are. Occasionally you come across a police checkpoint. They want to see your drivers licence. Being a good obedient citizen I had an international drivers licence made before leaving Germany. First checkpoint I presented this document. The policeman obviously never seen this kind of drivers licence before. Yes, it’s in all languages, but it looks ‘alien’. I then showed my normal german drivers licence and he was happy. At the next checkpoint I didn’t even bother with the international licence. The german one was good enough. And one checkpoint later I mistakenly showed my german ID card instead of the drivers licence. Well, that was fine too 🙂 It’s Belize – forget those rules! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY !!!


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