Belize City

Official business made me travel to Belize City. Yeah, everyone tells me it’s more dangerous, but I have to see for myself.

Sadly I have to leave Room 5 at the Rainforest Haven Inn. I will miss the view of the roundabout – there was always something going on: Dogs crossing the busy intersection, bikes driving in the wrong direction, the icecream truck stopping for a few minutes smack bang in the middle of the crossing because a couple of kids wanted to buy… <Sigh>

I discovered that I can use Google Maps on my phone. Type in the route while still connected through WiFi and off you go. Now I will only pass the same building twice before I realise I drive in circles ..haha..



My Facebook friends recommended Villa Boscardi. It’s really nice and clean! I have the green room šŸ™‚ Ā  WiFi is great! The bed is massive! And the aircon … wonderful cool air!

Of course, I can’t sit still for long. So I took a stroll down the road.


Excuse the lousy quality. I only had my phone with me.


Pretty path along the ocean


You can still see the damage hurricane Earl made 2 weeks ago.


Shopping in Belize City is great! In San Ignacio I only found these small shops to buy groceries. No way that you can buy what you need – you buy what you get!

Just down the road from where I stay in Belize City, is a huge supermarket: Brodie’s


Brodie’s, Northern Highway, Belize


They even have shopping trolleys!Ā 

.. and here I thought shopping in Belize would be a problem ..haha..


After the shopping spree I decided to take a drive around town before it gets too late. Okay, now Belize City definitely reminds me of South Africa! I have seen a lot in my days, but this sight made me stop and takeĀ out the camera. I uploaded the picture in it’s original size, so that you can zoom in.


Have you ever seen a main road going through a cemetery ??? There are even graves in the green that divides the lanes !!!

I think that’s enough for today. 2 nights in Belize City should be enough to tick that town off my list.

More to follow …


One thought on “Belize City

  1. col says:

    excellent thankyou for sharing your journey….it is a place a lot of people will not see, so
    you have shared your fantastic journeybook with us.

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