New website!

After many months of planning, I finally had the guts to begin work on a new webpage. The way I categorise patterns in my upcoming book needs to be shared.

Where do you start when you want to identify a specific pattern that you discovered in a tile? Well, normally you can identify what kind of an underlying structure the pattern has. Is it a grid? Or a ribbon? A flower?

To look it up you need to have pattern sorted by framework. Only searching your entire collection of patterns does not help. It will take hours to find what you are looking for. THIS method will limit your search drastically!

Sometimes you have a string that needs a filler pattern. For inspiration you can just call up the section containing only these.

I will write an extensive blog post on the new site shortly.

Until then, visit Blog Logo

Last week alone, I added 3 new patterns from my collection and 9 new patterns from contributing artists.

Vivid being my favorite right now (until I draw the next one – as always) đŸ™‚

Vivid Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser.png




2 thoughts on “New website!

  1. Theresa says:

    Ina – thank you for this awesome site. I know I speak for many when I say how appreciative I am of all the time and energy you put in this. Can’t wait to see more new stuff as it becomes available. The step outs are easy to understand and no having to follow and open other pages to get to them. Very eye appealing and fun. This site was made with passion. You rock, Ina!

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