Go-To Patterns continued …

As promised, here comes the sequel πŸ™‚

This week I will analyse the different stages that tanglers go through.

  • Stage 1:

During this stage your Go-To patterns are normally the ones that you first learnt when you started tangling. They consist of only a few strokes. Depending on which book you picked up to learn more about tangling, website or Facebook group, your Go-To patterns will be different.

Here is a list of typical patterns that everyone should have under their belt before attempting to move to Stage 2: (click on the images for an enlarged view)

Please note: This section is NOT complete yet – I will add more patterns that according to our Facebook group members, fall into this section.

Now these are the patterns that are easy to draw, and quickly allow you to fill a section.

The next list of patterns requires more concentration – again, I am only halfway done. This blog post will grow as I find more time.


To be continued ……. AND updated!


4 thoughts on “Go-To Patterns continued …

  1. Judy says:

    Ina, I was wandering if we can print only one tangle at a time or may we print more than that to save on paper and ink? I am very new to zentangle and I have to have all the steps or I can’t figure them out. I really don’t have a collection of any kind and watching on you tube is to fast for me. I love your work.

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