Moon & Tears

Normally I don’t share much of my private life. I make an exception because Moon & Tears is part of my story. So, for all the pattern hunters out there, here are the steps – don’t want to bore you with the details 🙂 Anyone else, scroll down.
Moon & Tears by Ina Sonnenmoser

Yesterday I got quite a fright. A family member was picked up by an ambulance and for a short time, I thought that this was it. Sitting for 6 hours in the waiting room, I had to distract myself. So I picked up pen and paper and started drawing – all the time thinking of this special person, hoping she would become well again.
The happy news is, she recovered and is back on her feet. I guess prayers do help.

Moon & Tears is one of the designs I drew in the waiting room. The lines are fairly shaky, but I will not redraw the steps. They are part of the story of the pattern. Looking out the window, I saw the moon through my tears. First those tears were that of sadness, but it didn’t take long and they transformed into tears of happiness.

Cherish your loved ones every day – you never know for how long you can show them your love!



5 thoughts on “Moon & Tears

  1. Judith Gucker says:

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. During trying times, I’m unable to draw. Such was the case last week when my nearly three year old grandson, who lives in Berlin, Germany, was hospitalized with a lung infection. He has SMA and nearly died. In that first week he was in three hospitals and two ICUs. I was paralyzed with fear. Your story is inspiring. I will draw it and carry it with me to Germany next month. Thank you.

  2. Janie Peskin says:

    Ina…. I can soooo relate to your story!!! I think my husband and kids can relate more since they are usually doing the waiting! Life is so precious and it seems that the older we get time moves at a faster pace. We are on this planet for such a short time… I tell my husband, my kids, my sister and my dad… how much I love them each and every day❤️ I feel so BLESSED!
    You just never know what tomorrow will bring❤️💚💜💗. Life is truly a gift💕

  3. Rogerlene says:

    Thank you Ina for sharing your story. Sometimes people think I’m too emotional about the people I care about. But after the way I lost my grandmother long ago, I don’t hold back on letting people know how I feel. Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised to any of us.Your new tangle IS beautiful!

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