Patterns and your subconcious

We did a fun exercise in our Tangle It! Pattern Club. I asked the members to quickly write down 5 patterns that spontaneously came to mind. The next day I tried to analyse what each pattern could mean. I am definitely not a professor of psychology – so please look at this with a sense of humour.

If you want to give it a try, then write down 5 patterns quickly BEFORE reading any further!

Here is the result posted in the group:

1.) Firstly, all patterns that are drawn in a grid – I think they represent order. You like everything nice and neat.


2.) Filler patterns – you are a hoarder. Admit it, deep down inside you know that you need a lot of everything – especially art supplies!


3.) Wrapping patterns/Encasing something – Feeling protected is important to you


Difficult patterns – you like a challenge!


4.) Surprise patterns – You don’t mind hard work because you know in the end it is all worth while


5.) Black and White patterns – There is good and there is bad. And nothing inbetween


6.) Random patterns – you are very spontaneous


7.) Flowing patterns and flower patterns – you like harmony, no stress


8.) Confusing patterns – you like doing crazy stuff! (I like you ..hehe..)


9.) Zig-Zag patterns – you take the difficult road


10.) All others:


The patterns I picked before even thinking about the analysis were:

Flux, Tipple, Heartwrap, Printemps, Ududu

This means, I like harmony; no stress. I like a challenge and I am an art supply hoarder. And I like surprises. Well, that sums me up pretty much 😉

Remember, this is just for fun!


2 thoughts on “Patterns and your subconcious

  1. Susan Theron says:

    I am definitely a hoarder of art supplies as my choice of tangle indicates: Tipple, Crescent Moon and Nzeppel, The other two where Mooka (harmony and no stress) and Bales (order).

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