New pattern: Log Cabin

Now that we have successfully published our 4th book, it is time to continue with my original project: 501 Tangle Pattern Step Outs

I started the book a couple of months ago and then decided to do a ‘quick project’ with Alice and Simona: Tangle It! Journal. I learnt so much during this project. It completely changed the way I approach my new book.

The book will contain approximately 250 patterns from various artists and 250 step by step instructions of the patterns I drew. Plus lots and lots of artwork to see all those patterns in action!

It is a huge project, but now that I have mastered the Tangle It! Planner with 274 pages, I feel confident that 450 pages will be possible!

To celebrate “Back to Work” I will give you a teaser: The new pattern Log Cabin

A friend of mine gave me a quilt many years ago. It was a baby blanket for the baby that is now looking down at me. Checking various sites, I could not identify anyone that had prepared step outs for this pattern before. So here it is:

Log Cabin Pattern by Ina Sonnenmoser

Oh, the possibilities! Let me show you the artwork in detail:

Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser featuring Log Cabin Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser featuring Log Cabin

Stay tuned for more news on the development of the book!



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