New Pattern: Paris

It is shocking – WHY? Why do such horrible things? We are all humans that just want to live our life, bring up our kids, and grow old in peace. Even the terrorists have mothers that are mourning their children’s death. Why not put all this energy to a good cause instead?

All that is left now is to mourn the dead and show solidarity with the hundreds of families that have lost a loved one. And show solidarity with the world that has lost another piece of freedom.

Whilst letting all the feelings appear on paper, a new pattern suddenly developed. A tribute to all the innocent people that lost their life – a way to build a connection with the mourning families.

Here is Paris – my way of showing how deeply this incident has touched me, Europe, the World.

PARIS by Ina Sonnenmoser

Paris Art by Ina Sonnenmoser

Paris Artwork 2 by Ina Sonnenmoser

This pattern allows for many shading possibilities. Here I show you a few options:

Paris shading 1

Paris shading 2

Paris shading 3

As it turns out, Paris has become my favorite pattern right now .. until I draw the next one ..haha..

My Facebook friend Theresa Beebe applied this pattern to one of her beautiful Mandalas.

Mandala by Theresa Beebe

Feel free to color it and share with us in the Tangle It Mandala Club on Facebook!

Be save!

ZenLove, Ina

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