Mandala Stencil Review

Many of you have heard of Geneviève Crabe. The Weekly Roundup is a must-read for tanglers!

Weekly Roundup

What really caught my attention were the beautiful Mandala templates Geneviève so generously provides on her webpage. Click here to have a look. She combined all of them into a book which is now available on Amazon. 40 printed Mandalas ready for coloring for US$12 – that is a bargain! For 33c per page you can’t complain about the price!

And then I discovered the link to the Mandala Stencils!

Mandala Stencil by Genevieve Crabe

It took a while to ship to Germany, but the wait was well worth it. The parcel arrived professionally packed to avoid that the stencils get damaged during transport. A 2 page intro is included guiding you to video instructions.

The 3 stencils are labeled for easy reference. The see-through plastic is thicker than a laminated sheet, robust and easy to clean. The holes are perfectly punched and just the right size to fit a pencil or fineliner tip through.

I have created Mandalas before and got very impatient with the whole process. By the time I drew circles and lines to get evenly spaced points, my creative juices were usually already moving on to the next project. And even after I finished a Mandala design, I had to rub out all the pencil lines, smudging lines and crumbling up the paper in the process.

With this stencil set I was able to draw this Mandala template for tangling in a few minutes.

Mandala 1 by Ina Sonnenmoser

Thank you, Geneviève. The Tangle It Mandala Club on Facebook will see many new templates ready for tangling or coloring in the future!

I can only highly recommend this stencil set to any Mandala designer!


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