Challenge compleded

The other day I posted a challenge in our Tangle It Pattern Club on Facebook. A Christmas wreath ready to be tangled.

Here is the original, untangled page. You can download a high quality image directly in the group.

Tangle It Pattern Club Challenge 11-28-2015

I started adding tangles and for once, did not forget to make a copy before shading! For all the coloring in enthusiasts, this template is available in our Tangle It Coloring Club on Facebook.

TIJ Christmas Wreath

And finally I added color and a bit of shading.

Christmas Wrap Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

With that, I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Happy shopping for all the presents 🙂

Not a pattern – rather a tribute

Drawing serves a different purpose for each one of us. I am grateful that people share their art in the various Facebook groups.

Each piece inspires me every single day. To show my appreciation to just one of these special people, I drew a step-out for a simple Candy Cane. And this will be part of my holiday season postings that will follow.Sues Candy

Even if I don’t consider this a pattern, drawing multiple candy canes does indeed turn it into a pattern. Patterns are a repetition of the same strokes over and over. And that’s why I am posting this in my pattern section.

New Pattern: Paris

It is shocking – WHY? Why do such horrible things? We are all humans that just want to live our life, bring up our kids, and grow old in peace. Even the terrorists have mothers that are mourning their children’s death. Why not put all this energy to a good cause instead?

All that is left now is to mourn the dead and show solidarity with the hundreds of families that have lost a loved one. And show solidarity with the world that has lost another piece of freedom.

Whilst letting all the feelings appear on paper, a new pattern suddenly developed. A tribute to all the innocent people that lost their life – a way to build a connection with the mourning families.

Here is Paris – my way of showing how deeply this incident has touched me, Europe, the World.

PARIS by Ina Sonnenmoser

Paris Art by Ina Sonnenmoser

Paris Artwork 2 by Ina Sonnenmoser

This pattern allows for many shading possibilities. Here I show you a few options:

Paris shading 1

Paris shading 2

Paris shading 3

As it turns out, Paris has become my favorite pattern right now .. until I draw the next one ..haha..

My Facebook friend Theresa Beebe applied this pattern to one of her beautiful Mandalas.

Mandala by Theresa Beebe

Feel free to color it and share with us in the Tangle It Mandala Club on Facebook!

Be save!

ZenLove, Ina

Mandala Stencil Review

Many of you have heard of Geneviève Crabe. The Weekly Roundup is a must-read for tanglers!

Weekly Roundup

What really caught my attention were the beautiful Mandala templates Geneviève so generously provides on her webpage. Click here to have a look. She combined all of them into a book which is now available on Amazon. 40 printed Mandalas ready for coloring for US$12 – that is a bargain! For 33c per page you can’t complain about the price!

And then I discovered the link to the Mandala Stencils!

Mandala Stencil by Genevieve Crabe

It took a while to ship to Germany, but the wait was well worth it. The parcel arrived professionally packed to avoid that the stencils get damaged during transport. A 2 page intro is included guiding you to video instructions.

The 3 stencils are labeled for easy reference. The see-through plastic is thicker than a laminated sheet, robust and easy to clean. The holes are perfectly punched and just the right size to fit a pencil or fineliner tip through.

I have created Mandalas before and got very impatient with the whole process. By the time I drew circles and lines to get evenly spaced points, my creative juices were usually already moving on to the next project. And even after I finished a Mandala design, I had to rub out all the pencil lines, smudging lines and crumbling up the paper in the process.

With this stencil set I was able to draw this Mandala template for tangling in a few minutes.

Mandala 1 by Ina Sonnenmoser

Thank you, Geneviève. The Tangle It Mandala Club on Facebook will see many new templates ready for tangling or coloring in the future!

I can only highly recommend this stencil set to any Mandala designer!

Coincidence – presenting Hexypod by Melissa Leigh Lemmons

I could not believe my eyes when Melissa shared her step outs for Hexypod. Only a few days back I created this artwork:
Hexypod Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser
This represented exactly Melissa’s new pattern Hexypod. It proofs that great minds think alike indeed 🙂

I provided a neat looking step out for our Tangle It Pattern Club on Facebook.Hexypod by Melissa Leigh Lemmons

This pattern can change the look completely if you add a few embellishments. Give it a try – it’s easy and fun!

New … tangleation style?

Welcome back. InkTober has come and gone, but I have not run out of patterns yet!

Today however, I would like to show you a tangleation style. Yes, you can call them “fluffed orbs”, “fluffed balls”, or “fluffed tipple”. I couldn’t make up my mind so I just called it Fluffed. 🙂

The good news is, this technique can be used to change the look of ANY pattern. It comes quite handy when you smudge a line or things just didn’t work out the way you anticipated.

Blah … blah … blah .. I talk too much. Just have a look 🙂

Fluffed Heart by Ina Sonnenmoser

Just for fun I decided that I don’t like the yellow.

Fluffed Heart by Ina Sonnenmoser

Looks good either way – nice and fluffy!

In the step out you will see more applications for this …pattern? tangleation? .. fix’er upper?
Fluffed by Ina Sonnenmoser

New Pattern: Orb on the Move

Finally, it’s Halloween!

Whilst drawing details on a Zombie poster for my son, I came across this new pattern. It started off as a thumb:

Zombie Thumb

Then turned into this:

Orb on the Move by Ina Sonnenmoser

And this:

Orb on the Move

And eventually emerged as a pretty flower 🙂

Orb on the move Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

The step by step instructions are very much straight forward. In the meantime I have seen the pattern combined with other existing patterns like Dropz by Alice Hendon. Thank you Theresa Beebe, for the inspiration!

Orb on the Move by Ina Sonnenmoser