New pattern/tangleation: Tripple Tipple

Hello again.

I love playing with dimension; using different line thickness to get instant effects. Todays pattern is more or less to show you how to add depth to your work by doubling the thickness of lines here and there.

So, I called it Tripple Tipple (it rolls of the tongue so nicely!) Possibilities are endless: just orbs, overlapping orbs, big orbs, and small orbs. Allowing a background pattern to show through will give the impression of a donut. Well, you try yourself!

Just one more piece of advice: Using a stencil for drawing orbs is one option, but remember that art is drawn by humans – not machines. If your orbs aren’t ‘perfect’ it does not matter. Your art is not computer generated!

PS: I just found out that a similar tangleation has been posted before. Suzanne McNeil called her variation Bubbles. Here is the link to Bubbles.

Tripple Tipple by Ina Sonnenmoser

Here I used the pattern Unite as a background and had fun with color.



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