Ready for another challenge?

We just announced Challenge #2 in our Facebook group that is dedicated to new patterns.
Tangle It! Pattern Club
Tangle It! Pattern Club Halloween Challenge

As an additional twist to the Challenge, my co-admin, Lila Holter, added the following:
Tangle the string and include the new patterns Dice 2, Joyride and Coroline.

We would love to see your artwork. Either join us on Facebook or include the link to your blog in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Ready for another challenge?

  1. Hilary Merola says:

    Hello, I joined the Facebook page last week. Yesterday, I accidentally asked to leave the group. I thought I was leaving another group. Senior moment, I guess! Anyway that is why you’ll see another request from me to join. It’s a great group, l have enjoyed the patterns and I’m looking forward to this new challenge. Thank you, Hilary Merola


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