New Pattern: Joyride

The first challenge in our Facebook Group is all about patterns based on a Grid framework. Introducing more grid patterns is the obvious choice.

Today I bring you Joyride – a crazy little fill pattern.
Joyride by Ina Sonnenmoser

A member of our Facebook group, Barbara Whittaker also added a pattern called: “Half-Arted”.

Half-Arted by Barbara Whittaker

Elaine provided us with two images asking if anyone can deconstruct the pattern and provide step out instructions.

The race was on! By the time I had picked up pen and paper, Ellen Wolters had already uploaded a flip video ..haha.. She is just too good! So my job will be to draw the step by step instructions today and post it in the group.
True teamwork: Elaine providing the inspiration and the name, Ellen deconstructing the pattern and me drawing the steps.

If you are curious and want to join the group, here is the address:

And some more fantastic news. My online friend, Geneviève Crabe published a new book on Amazon:


Genevieve's Mandalas: Adult Coloring Book

I ordered my copy and can’t wait to get started! You might know Geneviève from her Weekly Roundup posts of all the happenings in the tangling world. Visit Geneviève’s blog and find out more!

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