New Pattern for InkTober: Mooned Zen

My new love: Mooned Zen (later I will post another version of this pattern: Mooned)

This pattern screams “TANGLEATION” ! So many possibilities – it is mind blowing. I haven’t even started playing with color. Just the possible combinations are overwhelming. Instead of sitting down preparing pretty pictures for you, I decided to work straight away on the other version of this pattern. So stay tuned – more coming shortly!

Oh, did I mention that artists need to make a living? You can support 3 artists: Alice, Simona and myself AND have fun at the same time. Get your copy of Tangle It! Journal today (..hehe.. sneaking in a bit of advertising here)

Mooned Zen by Ina Sonnenmoser

9 thoughts on “New Pattern for InkTober: Mooned Zen

  1. tremmacy says:

    Hi Ina, I just had to leave a message to thank you for all your lovely patterns. It must take a while to design and post, so just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated. I have saved all of them on my IPad so now when I go out anywhere with my book, I can practice away! Thank you!!!!

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