New Pattern: Unite

Seems everyone liked my post from yesterday. Thank you for all the Thumbs upIt really made my day!

Some people have asked if I use the computer to draw the step outs. Nope, it’s all hand drawn. Yes, I do use an an eraser, and no, I do not use a ruler (see picture of my office at the end of the post).

My belief is that tangling has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line. You are not an architect that needs precision in your artwork. Art will be limited to straight lines if you don’t get used to working without a ruler.

Tangling should be fun, not stressful. Don’t worry so much about a wonky line here and there. Nobody will notice, except you. Every smudge is a part of your art. If you can’t live with it, how can anyone else? Accept your drawings as they are – they are drawings created by a human. If you insist on straight lines, you might as well use a drawing program on the computer.

And FUN – please don’t ignore this important part. Life is too short to take it seriously. I guess the fun part in tangling is why our book, Tangle It! Journal, has been so well received. I just have to share with you those wonderful reviews Tangle It! Journal has accumulated on Amazon. Don’t miss out on the fun! Get your Journal today!

Back to designing patterns. You want 3D – you get 3D !

Here is my latest pattern for the InkTober challenge: Unite

Pattern Unite by Ina Sonnenmoser

Please note, this is NOT a Zentangle® pattern. Unite is a Tangle Pattern. I get into ‘zen’ mode by repeating strokes – the more the better. However, this pattern has to many steps to be considered a Zentangle® pattern. As long as I get into zen-mode and create beautiful art at the same time, it does not make a difference to me.


Ina's Office

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