New Pattern: Kuba

If you can draw Huggins, you can draw Kuba!

This pattern is only for advanced tanglers. You need to be concentrated when attempting to draw Kuba.
Zentangle Pattern Kuba by Ina Sonnenmoser

I urge you to give it a try. I personally think Huggins is more difficult that Kuba. The possibilities for tangleations are endless!

Leave bigger gaps between the cubes and tangle another pattern on the weaved lines. Shading is straight forward. Whenever a line appears to go under, add shade.

On another note: Tangling has reached the Primary Schools in Germany – Hurray! My 9 year old came home with this sheet. It was handed out during class.

Zentangle at Primary School

I guess it’s time to start translating our Tangle It! Journal into different languages. You are welcome to have a preview of some of the pages. Amazon offers a Look-Inside as well.

Have a zentastic day!

Oh, and don’t forget – I love comments! Hit that button and share this pattern with your friends, please.


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