New Pattern: Eighthundredeightyeight

As a teen I must have been fascinated by 8’s – page upon page is filled with different variations of the number eight.

Eighthundredeightyeight by Ina Sonnenmoser

There are various options to draw this simple, but effective pattern. You can either draw a whole bunch of single 8’s in a row, or – that’s what I do – you draw three 8’s in one motion.
I tend to get faster and faster, the more I draw those 8’s. Slow down and make each stroke conscientious.

888 can be used in many ways. The pattern makes a great border, but it can also used to follow a string line. Add dimension by starting with big 8’s and make them smaller, further down the line. Colour can make this pattern stand out; not to mention a drop shadow. However, I don’t want to make this too easy for you – play around yourself and let me see the results! I just love feedback and comments!

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