New Pattern: Orb Invasion

They are coming to get you! The orbs will invade your artwork !!! Watch out !!!

Orbs eating pattern

Orb Invasion Zentangle Pattern

Start off by drawing your grid in pencil. I love warping my grids. Draw waved lines instead of just straight lines. It makes such a difference!

On that grid draw random orbs. Anywhere – you can draw orbs in different sizes to add even more drama to the design.

To get into ‘zen-mode’ I draw all vertical lines, then I turn my tile and draw all horizontal lines. Eventually I come to the point where I have to ‘avoid the orbs’. That’s when my tile gets dizzy – I turn and turn and turn the tile to ensure I have a comfortable position.

Then we start again – vertical lines first, followed by horizontal lines.

All these little shapes can be tangled in different ways. There are many tangleation possibilities. I only included a few – your turn to let your imagination run wild!

Finally, shading: I think you can write a whole book on the shading possibilities of this pattern. 2 samples are included, but you could also just shade along your grid. This will make the pattern look like a wave. I definitely have to play some more with this pattern. Today, this is my favourite – until I draw the next one ..haha.. Have fun with this!

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Tangle It! Journal. It features 20 lovely new patterns and tons of fun challenges. Amazon is still offering it at the special price!


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