3 2 1 Blastoff ! Tangle It! Journal is born

I am so very excited – after months of hard work I can finally announce the birth of my 4th child: Tangle It! Journal Vol 1

Cover front

As corroborated project between Alice Hendon, Simona Cordara, and myself this journal was a pleasure to create. Our weekly meetings produced lots of giggles; occasionally I could be found rolling on the floor, laughing. But there were times of pure frustration too. It is not as easy as it sounds to publish a book. However, I have learnt a lot from this and the experience will help me with my big project.

Our aim was to produce an informative, entertaining pocket journal for tangle fans. It has just the right size to fit in any handbag. Take it along to your doctors appointment, on your travels or just sit back and relax with this book at home.

It is full of tangle tips, new patterns, challenges, and ideas to inspire and entertain the artist in you.

We also created a website simalina.com, featuring a few pages, so that you can see what to expect. Actually, you won’t know what to expect as every single page is unique!
You are welcome to join our Facebook group Tangle-It Journal to share your Tangle It! Journal artwork.

Oh, of course, I have to tell you where you can purchase the book – as you can see, I am more artist than business oriented 😉

Tangle It! Journal is available through Createspace and Amazon.


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