Review: Tangle Transformation by Helen Williams

Helen Williams released a new e-Book: Tangle Transformation

I have purchased all of Helen’s e-Books. They are fantastic! Of course I had to get this one straight away.

The title sounded already very intriguing. Tangle Transformations – how to transform a pattern. Judging from Helen’s artwork, this book promised to be very interesting.

Helen breaks down patterns into structures. Amazingly it matches my thought process completely. What is the basic architecture behind a pattern? A dot grid, a square grid, lines? The book describes in detail the differences. Helen made it easy to understand by providing graphical examples.

Based on their architecture, Helen explains the various possibilities of transforming patterns. You will soon get the idea, that this can be applied to any pattern. My curiosity was triggered immediately and I had to grab pen and paper to apply those principles to a variety of patterns.

Of course, the artwork included in this e-Book is outstanding. You can zoom in without any eyesores. I am very particular when it comes to line work: Lines going over the edge, lines not meeting up – but of course, Helen’s work is the work of a perfectionist.


Helen’s style is unique and following her tips, guarantees great results. Her way of thinking when it comes to patterns matches mine 100%. The book I am currently writing will go so well with this e-Book.

55 pages of detailed information awaits you. I can only recommend this e-Book to everyone. It will provide you with a whole new perspective on patterns!

Tangle Transformation

Click to get your e-Book Tangle Transformation

2 thoughts on “Review: Tangle Transformation by Helen Williams

  1. tremmacy says:

    Hi Ina,
    I too have all of Helen’s books, except for the latest (that, I have to save up for). She does a fantastic job with all of her books! Thanks for leaving her a lovely review 🙂

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