3 2 1 Blastoff ! Tangle It! Journal is born

I am so very excited – after months of hard work I can finally announce the birth of my 4th child: Tangle It! Journal Vol 1

Cover front

As corroborated project between Alice Hendon, Simona Cordara, and myself this journal was a pleasure to create. Our weekly meetings produced lots of giggles; occasionally I could be found rolling on the floor, laughing. But there were times of pure frustration too. It is not as easy as it sounds to publish a book. However, I have learnt a lot from this and the experience will help me with my big project.

Our aim was to produce an informative, entertaining pocket journal for tangle fans. It has just the right size to fit in any handbag. Take it along to your doctors appointment, on your travels or just sit back and relax with this book at home.

It is full of tangle tips, new patterns, challenges, and ideas to inspire and entertain the artist in you.

We also created a website simalina.com, featuring a few pages, so that you can see what to expect. Actually, you won’t know what to expect as every single page is unique!
You are welcome to join our Facebook group Tangle-It Journal to share your Tangle It! Journal artwork.

Oh, of course, I have to tell you where you can purchase the book – as you can see, I am more artist than business oriented 😉

Tangle It! Journal is available through Createspace and Amazon.

Review: Tangle Transformation by Helen Williams

Helen Williams released a new e-Book: Tangle Transformation

I have purchased all of Helen’s e-Books. They are fantastic! Of course I had to get this one straight away.

The title sounded already very intriguing. Tangle Transformations – how to transform a pattern. Judging from Helen’s artwork, this book promised to be very interesting.

Helen breaks down patterns into structures. Amazingly it matches my thought process completely. What is the basic architecture behind a pattern? A dot grid, a square grid, lines? The book describes in detail the differences. Helen made it easy to understand by providing graphical examples.

Based on their architecture, Helen explains the various possibilities of transforming patterns. You will soon get the idea, that this can be applied to any pattern. My curiosity was triggered immediately and I had to grab pen and paper to apply those principles to a variety of patterns.

Of course, the artwork included in this e-Book is outstanding. You can zoom in without any eyesores. I am very particular when it comes to line work: Lines going over the edge, lines not meeting up – but of course, Helen’s work is the work of a perfectionist.


Helen’s style is unique and following her tips, guarantees great results. Her way of thinking when it comes to patterns matches mine 100%. The book I am currently writing will go so well with this e-Book.

55 pages of detailed information awaits you. I can only recommend this e-Book to everyone. It will provide you with a whole new perspective on patterns!

Tangle Transformation

Click to get your e-Book Tangle Transformation

Diva Challenge # 231

Normally I don’t find the time to participate in challenges. However, this clean, new office of mine is not exactly inspirational 😉 I just had to sit down and draw something.

Whilst browsing I came across the Diva Challenge and thought: “Why not?” The simple challenge “The Undulating Tangles in C and S minor” was exactly what I needed.

Diva Challenge 231

Only after I finished shading with pencil did I feel that a bit of colour would add interest. Bad idea! The yellow and orange Polychromos look dirty. Next time I will erase the shadow first and then colour.
Important is, my office reflects ‘creative untidyness’ – so much better to work in 😉 The challenge was fun I will make a point to check every Monday to see what new challenge awaits me.

Using a background as a string

I just could not resist to tangle on one of those beautiful alcohol ink backgrounds created by Alice Hendon. The background provided me with a string.

Alice is selling her backgrounds as digital downloads on  Etsy. She also has a blog where I found weekly string challenges.

Zentangle Inspired Art

I started off tracing the drop shapes which are part of the background. Then I added some popsicles and finally the spiral.
To add more interest I used white Polychromos colour pencils for highlights and shaded the centre of the popsicles.

I probably could have filled the entire sheet with patterns, but it would have distracted too much from the colourful background. So I call it “done”.

New Zentangle Pattern – Heart Wrap

Some of you know that I am currently writing a book featuring 500 tangle patterns.

It is hard work and takes forever! The quality of artwork is very important to me.

Many great artists are contributing and without their encouragement I would have given up a long time ago.  ZenHugs to all those wonderful people – you know who you are!

Some of my patterns are just so beautiful, that I cannot wait any longer. I just have to start sharing them with the world.
You will find one new pattern each Friday on this blog. I would be extremely happy if you would share a link to your artwork containing this new pattern in the comments below.

The first pattern I am sharing is called Heart Wrap.

Zentangle Pattern Heart WrapI used to draw in my school notebooks all the time. After collecting dust for 30 years in the attic, I finally found them again. What a surprise to see all these lovely patterns!

I decided to draw step outs for my personal use. After finishing the first 50, the idea popped into my head that it would be nice to share those patterns with the rest of the Zentangle community. Some of those patterns are true Zentangles and some are just great to add to your Zentangle Inspired Art.

Heart Wrap looks difficult at first. You just have to try it out. It is easier than it looks. For the past 3 months I found myself repeatedly using this pattern on birthday cards and bookmarks. I will remember to take a picture before giving away the next one !
I hope you have fun with Heart Wrap and really want to see your creations! See you next Friday!